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Privacy Policy

As part of the new Act to modernize the legislative provisions regarding the protection of
personal information (hereinafter “Bill 25”) amending the Act respecting the protection of
personal information in the private sector, CQLR c. P-39.1 (hereafter “LPRPSP”) since
September 22, 2022, we are pleased to appoint Natasha Amanatidis as our patient privacy


By this fact, Natasha Amanatidis undertakes to do the following:


1. In the event of a confidentiality incident involving personal information:

  • a. Take diligent measures to reduce the risk of harm being caused to the persons

concerned and to prevent new incidents of the same nature from recurring.

  • b. Notify the Commission d’Accès à l’information (hereinafter “CAI”) as well as the

person concerned if the incident presents a risk of serious prejudice.

  • c. Keep a register of incidents, a copy of which must be sent to the CAI at its request.

2. For the purposes of study, research, or the production of statistics and in the context of a

commercial transaction, respecting the new framework for the communication of
personal information without the consent of the person concerned, she must;

  • a. Conduct a privacy impact assessment (hereinafter “PIA”) before disclosing personal

information without the consent of the persons concerned.

  • b. Disclose prior to the CAI, the verification or confirmation of identity made by means

of biometric characteristics or measurements.

Privacy Representative Contact Information:

Name of representative: Natasha Amanatidis


Representative's Title: Privacy Representative


Clinic address: 244-2100 av. de Marlowe, Montreal (Quebec) H4A 3L5


Representative work email:

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